Asbestos Removal in Hollywood, CA

Once a Certified Asbestos Consultant has inspected your Hollywood house, condo or building and has discovered an asbestos problem, you will most likely need the asbestos-containing material (ACM) removed. The company to handle this job is Alternative Technologies Inc.

Our team of highly trained staff serving Hollywood asbestos are licensed to safely remove asbestos and prevent contamination.

What happens next?

The first step is to call us at (310) 483-2509 or fill out our online form. Once you have had your inspection and testing performed Alternative Technologies can usually provide a budgetary figure over the phone. If you have a significant problem Alternative Technologies prides itself on next day estimates and can set up an appointment for a site visit.

Are you fully compliant and follow rules?

Alternative Technologies has been in the asbestos removal business since 1992, operating with the original state license # 673008. We take our business seriously and make sure we dot every i and cross every t in accordance with rules and regulations by the SQAMD and Cal/OSHA. We try or best to educate others about the latest developments that may affect them. For example, a week doesn’t pass when we have to tell a homeowner or general contractor about Rule 1403 (PDF)(d)(1)(A) which basically means an asbestos inspection is required BEFORE you plan to do ANY demolish or ANY renovation to a building.

What experience do you have working in Hollywood?

For over 26 years Alternative Technologies Inc has removed materials containing asbestos in many residential, commercial and industrial properties located in East Hollywood, West Hollywood and the Hollywood Hills.

With over 12,000 successfully completed projects there are few surprises for us anymore.

What Hollywood asbestos service do you provide?

Coming across asbestos in Hollywood is more common than you may think, especially when so many buildings were constructed in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, the heyday of asbestos use.

Call on us to remove and dispose your asbestos of your affected property located in these Hollywood zip codes:

90038, 90046, 90048, 90069