Asbestos Fire Protection Removal

P1000747Asbestos in building materials

Asbestos was a heat resistant and fire resistant product that could be easily added to many building materials such as shingles, wallboards, concrete, insulation and stucco.   Because it was inexpensive to purchase and easy to use, it was mixed into cement, woven into textiles and combined with many other materials that the construction industry used regularly.  At the time of his popularity, there were no limits on its use.

Fire Proofing Materials

Builders used certain types of asbestos filled products to fire proof many commercial buildings and properties.  They used spray on fire resistant coatings on ceilings, walls, attics, crossbeams, etc.  It may be difficult to identify asbestos fire proofing from overhead because it can have a similar appearance to regular cement.

In the 1970’s, the use of materials containing asbestos was banned.  Unfortunately, it had made its way into commercial buildings and residents for decades.

Health Risks