Clean Up Services

Pigeon & Rodent Removal and Decontamination

Pigeons & Other Birds

Large roosting birds, such as pigeons can be a nuisance as well as a health issue.  There are many ways to deter these birds from nesting on or near your property but once they have set up nests, they can be difficult to remove.  The accumulation of pigeon droppings and waste is  messy and hard to clean up but it can also expose your family to parasites and other diseases.


Rats and other rodents can take up residence in your attic, chimney and crawlspaces.  The damage and mess that rodents create can be very costly, unhealthy and time consuming to remove.  Rodents also carry many diseases so it is imperative to remove the pest and the contamination that they leave behind.  Special equipment and experience are usually necessary to completely rid your space of the diseases and pheromones that rodents leave behind.

When rodents and pigeons have contaminated attics, cell towers, or other areas, we provide HEPA vacuum and deep environmental cleaning so you and your family can avoid contact with disease-related materials.  Our staff is well-trained and efficient with over 20 years of experience.