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If your attic insulation is old and broken down, or contaminated by animal waste, Alternative Technologies Inc. can remove and replace it with new batting insulation to the current R-values. Our Southern California customers appreciate the health benefits and energy savings from attic insulation removal and replacement.

Attic restoration projects that require new insulation

Our installers have decades of experience installing attic insulation. They know how to determine the proper insulation depth and R-value that your attic needs to be energy efficient.

Southern California homes have extreme heat in the attic.  This not only makes it difficult to cool your home, it breaks down some types of insulation and blown-in types settle over time.  New batting insulation can correct the problem. It won’t settle like blown-in insulation does.

We install two types of insulation:

  • Batting Insulation
    • R11 to R60
  • Encapsulated Insulation
    • Non allergenic

With 13,000 successfully completed projects in 30 years, our customers trust Alternative Technologies Inc. has the experience, tools, and equipment to install attic insulation correctly in Southern California.

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Frequent questions about our attic insulation service

Removing asbestos insulation is best left to abatement pros

When homeowners learn their attic has asbestos insulation, some mistakenly think any insulation company can get rid of the problem. This couldn’t be further from the truth: they need asbestos abatement. Their asbestos-containing insulation has to be removed by an abatement company with the proper licensing in accordance with state and federal regulations.

asbestos wall insulation

Asbestos Insulation

Read a list of manufacturers, brands, and types of asbestos insulation used in building construction.

Asbestos was commonly used in home insulation materials. Builders would fit it behind walls, wrap it around pipes, or roll it on attic floors like blankets. The dangers of asbestos exposure were not known, so nobody complained.

Today if you live in a Southern California single unit house, townhouse, condo or apartment (regardless of the year it was built), you are required under Rule 1403 to get an independent asbestos survey report PRIOR to hiring a contractor to begin an attic renovation project.

Getting an asbestos survey is the lawful and safe thing to do. Naturally it would be a conflict of interest for us to perform the survey AND be your asbestos abatement contractor. Contact us to be referred to an independent testing and consulting company that can help you get the proper asbestos survey performed.

If your report says your attic has asbestos insulation, immediately contact our abatement pros to have it removed. Once we have completed the abatement, we will then install new attic insulation.

Fortunately many types of attic insulation do not contain asbestos materials. We can help you in either case.  Whether it requires asbestos abatement or just a standard removal protecting home and family from rodent contamination we can perform the job

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