Feces / Urine Cleanup

attic insulation contaminated by mice urine and feces

Animal feces and urine in your attic can ruin your insulation and spread disease. You need the area decontaminated by a cleanup company that adheres to safe environmental cleaning practices. Alternative Technologies Inc. has over 30 years experience in Southern California cleaning attics, crawlspaces, and sheds contaminated with rodent and bird waste.

Animal feces and urine are biohazards. Cleanup requires expert attention.

Our technicians have decades of experience disinfecting confined spaces in houses and buildings contaminated by animal feces and urine. Success starts by following proper bio-hazardous waste removal protocols. This includes storage, handling, and disposal.

Regardless what type of animal waste needs to be removed, we will clean it up it completely and safely every time by both physical and chemical means.

  • Rodent feces and urine
    • Mice
    • Rats
    • Squirrels
    • Rabbits
    • Raccoons
  • Bird feces and urine
    • Pigeons

With 13,000 successfully completed projects throughout Southern California over 30 years, our customers trust Alternative Technologies Inc. has the tools and equipment to safely remove animal feces and urine in attics, basements, crawlspaces, sheds, and other outbuildings.

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Frequent questions about our feces / urine cleanup service

Animal feces pose a health hazard if not cleaned up

Once animals and birds have taken residence in your house or building, they will contaminate confined spaces with their droppings and urine. The damage and mess from accumulation can be very costly, unhealthy, and time consuming to remove.

Hantivirus can be found in rodents’ feces and urine. It can be transmitted to people if inhaled, so it is imperative to disinfect and remove objects contaminated with their waste, such as attic insulation.

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Rodent Diseases

Read a list of diseases that rats and mice can spread to humans directly or indirectly.

Special equipment and experience are usually necessary to completely decontaminate the areas where there is evidence of rodent infestation.

If your house or building has rodents, contact our cleanup experts to remove their feces and urine for the sake of your family’s health.

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