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Alternative Technologies Inc. is licensed to perform lead abatement projects in Southern California. Since 1992, we have kept our credentials and training up to date to remove lead-based painted (LBP) surfaces and objects inside and outside houses and buildings. Contact us when you need a contractor to abate dangerous lead hazards.

We have the training and certification to successfully remove lead-based paint

If you live in a house constructed prior to 1978 and notice the paint on any of the surfaces listed below are peeling, flaking, chipping or chalking, you may have lead paint.

  • Windows & sills
  • Doors & jambs
  • Stairs & banisters
  • Fences & gates
  • Porches & patios
  • Countertop tiles
  • Walls & panels
  • Ceilings & moulding
  • Closets & shelving
  • Wood siding & trim
  • Floors & baseboards
  • Ceramic floors

Before you disturb them with repairs or renovations, we recommend you get a lead inspection test by an independent testing company. If the report shows they have lead, contact us to have it safely removed.

Alternative Technologies Inc. follows strict government regulations to safely abate lead from homes and buildings. Our technicians are properly certified and trained to conduct lead abatement that is reliable, effective, and safe. This includes the the safe work practice of transporting lead-based paint materials from the job site to a disposal site.

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What you need to know about lead abatement contractors

Lead abatement is a specialized field that requires additional licensing and training established by government agencies. You want to know the company responsible for handling lead-based materials in your home has thoroughly been vetted.

RRP Rule

If you live in a house built before 1978, you should be aware of the EPA’s Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule (RRP).

In general, anyone who you pay to perform work that disturbs paint in pre-1978 housing must be assigned to a certified renovator who is trained in lead-safe work practices by an EPA or an authorized state-accredited training provider. Paint testing is not required by the RRP Rule, but unless you have documentation that the paint is not lead-based, then the requirements of the RRP Rule apply.

There are probably some painters and remodeling contractors in Southern California in compliance with the EPA’s RRP Rule. However, many are not. They will be in violation of RRP Rule if you don’t provide them documentation BEFORE they begin repainting or renovating your pre-1978 house.

Without containment and HEPA exhaust control, non-licensed contractors may create an unsafe work environment if they torch, sand blast, power wash, or machine grind lead-based paint from a surface. Lead-based paint chips or paint dust can be hazardous if ingested or inhaled.

When you work with a lead abatement company you will have peace of mind knowing that every detail has been considered before, during, and after the removal process. They will complete all necessary forms to be compliant with state agencies such as the California Department of Public Health (CPDH), as well as provide accurate record keeping of all work performed.

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Protect yourself and your family from harmful exposure to lead

Many homes and schools built before 1978 have some lead-based paint on the interiors and/or exteriors. It can also be found on playground equipment, boats, and bridges. Exposure to lead can cause brain damage, especially in children and pregnant women. The most common cause of exposure is from the dust generated when you sand lead-based paint or when the paint chips or peels with age.

Since lead paint is most deteriorated on the exterior of houses, the chips often find their way into window sills and the soil surrounding the building. The dust or chips can easily stick to the hands, especially if they are wet. A wet toy is also capable of picking up contaminated lead dust. This can be dangerous if the child puts that wet toy back in their mouth.

So ask yourself, “Do I want to reduce the risk of my family being exposed to lead-based paint dust caused by renovation, repair, or painting?” If you answer YES, then hire a lead abatement company.

Please contact us by phone or online with your lead paint abatement and removal questions.


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