Creosote Treatment

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Even though there is no method of remediating or removing creosote from treated wood, Alternative Technologies Inc. has developed a treatment method to prevent off gassing and dust from creosote wood and timbers. Our method has a 100% customer satisfaction rate with our Southern California clients. They are pleased with the results and enormous cost savings. 

Our creosote treatment method costs less with no wood removal needed

For decades the only option was to live with it or jack up the entire building or home and then remove and replace the creosote treated wood timbers. This can cost many tens and up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.  For most people this is not a realistic option.

Fortunately there is an alternative.

With decades of experience, Alternative Technologies Inc. developed a creosote treatment method that costs a fraction of the cost of removing and replacing wood creosote.

We will contain the crawlspace or basement of your home or building and treat the affected timbers with an environmental product that isolates the creosote wood materials in place. 

Prevents off gassing

In the Los Angeles and Valley areas our warm weather can cause creosote treated timber to “off gas” and cause a very noticeable and unpleasant odor.  

Prevents dust

Creosote is a highly irritating substance when it comes in contact with your skin. Breathing of the fumes or dust can be a much more serious problem.

Why was creosote used by home builders?

The creosote by-product was discovered to be an excellent material for wood preservation and prevention of insect infestation.  Termites and other wood boring insects won’t touch creosote treated wood.  Nor does creosote treated wood succumb to moisture problems.  It can last underground for many decades and not deteriorate. 

As such, many developers believed they were doing their customers an extra service by using creosote treated timbers to build the foundation of homes and buildings in Southern California.

Unfortunately, like so many miracle products (think asbestos) in time it was discovered that these products can be hazardous carcinogens.

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Creosote Health Risks

Read about the potential health effects from creosote exposure.

If you have questions or concerns about creosote in you home or building, contact our staff. We can fully explain our process and the associated costs.

Please contact us by phone or online with your creosote questions.


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