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Asbestos removal in Encino, CA

Encino is known for its high end homes. According to Zillow, the median home value in Encino is close to $1.5 million dollars. Even in a home this expensive, asbestos containing materials (ACM) may be present, especially if it was constructed prior to 1980 which is more than 78% of Encino homes [1].

An Encino house known to contain asbestos can be harder to sell and possibly decrease its value. Even though undisturbed asbestos materials generally do not pose a health risk the mere mention of the word “asbestos” can put off future homeowners. You can try to explain there’s nothing to worry about but nothing will deter a stubborn buyer convinced any amount if asbestos is hazardous.

If you don’t want to bother debating with buyers then you can choose to have it all removed so it’s a non-issue.

What to expect if you require asbestos removal in Encino, CA

If a licensed inspector has discovered asbestos in your Encino home or business and recommends it be removed, we can help. Each member of our removal team has 15 years experience on average and will know how to resolve your issue. They are highly trained to handle and dispose asbestos found in ceiling tiles, floor tiles, siding shingles, and other locations.

Based on your inspection report, we will know the location of affected area in order for us to begin. We will take multiple steps to safely contain and prepare the area to minimize the risk of asbestos fibers being released in the air as we work.

The presence of asbestos containing material (ACM) lying still is usually no reason for concern. It’s when it becomes “friable” and its fibers are released in to the air that you should be alarmed. A perfect example is when a ceiling that had sprayed on asbestos insulation gets damaged. Suddenly those fibers are airborne which can pose a heath risk to anyone that inhales them.

Customers often ask is asbestos can just be scraped from ducting or pipes.  The short answer is no.  Heat bakes the asbestos fibers into to ducts making removal very labor intensive.  It is industry practice to remove the ducting intact and replace the ducting with new R6 insulated flex duct, saving money in the long run.

To ensure ALL the asbestos is removed in compliance with federal and state laws, we will almost always have to remove everything.

Other environmental services in Encino, CA

In addition to asbestos abatement, we also provide these environmental services at residential, commercial, or industrial locations:

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