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Asbestos removal in Thousand Oaks, CA

Alternative Technologies Inc. has successfully completed many asbestos removal projects in Thousand Oaks since 1992. We suspect this is due to the fact that Thousand Oaks was incorporated in 1964, a time when asbestos was commonly used in both homes and commercial construction.

We can’t overlook the safety and health of homeowners that decide to renovate their older homes that still contain original building materials.

Don’t let asbestos ruin your home renovation plans

With a population of just under 130,000 and 50,000 housing units [1], Thousand Oaks is the second largest city in Ventura County. As such, we receive a lot of questions about asbestos discovered during home renovation projects.

If any of the following questions sound like your situation, contact us immediately. One of our specialists will be glad to speak with you.

I want to remodel several rooms in a very old house but not sure how to proceed because my asbestos survey results say the acoustic ceiling spray and the heater ducting contains asbestos.

I am planning to tear down a bathroom but discovered the material is not drywall but something called asbestos cement board or Wonderboard.

The plumbing crew on my job site started cutting drywall and removing acoustic ceiling spray for a leak repair.  My neighbor said their ceilings contained asbestos.  What do I do now to protect my family?

Homeowners also routinely ask us questions about home building materials that can contain “friable” and “non-friable” asbestos. Here’s what we tell them.

  • Friable asbestos is commonly found in ducting, acoustic ceilings, linoleum flooring, drywall and joint compound, water pipe insulation, and many miscellaneous products.
  • Non-friable asbestos materials are typically found in floor tiles, floor mastics and adhesives, roofing and roofing patch, and shingled sidings.

Both asbestos types can be harmful and should be NOT be removed by non-licensed professionals who don’t have the proper equipment and credentials.

Other environmental services in Thousand Oaks, CA

In addition to asbestos abatement, we also provide these environmental services at residential, commercial, or industrial locations:

Give us a call at 818-700-8002 or contact us online today to request pricing for any of our services. No job is too small or too large for us to safely handle in Thousand Oaks.

We service the following Thousand Oaks, CA zip codes: 91320, 91360, 91361, 91362, 93012, 93021, 93065.