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Asbestos removal in Ventura, CA

Over 24,000 of Ventura’s 37,000 housing units were built between 1940 and 1980 [1]. These were the prime years of asbestos use in home construction. Single family homes and commercial buildings typically had asbestos in ducts, floor tiles and linoleum, roofing and roof patch, acoustic ceilings, drywall and joint compound plaster and stucco.

When asbestos is found in Ventura homes that are less than 40 years old, the natural reaction is of surprise followed by, “I thought asbestos was banned in 1970s?”

While there are been several bans in the 1970s, there are still asbestos-containing products that have not been banned or subject to 1989 TSCA ban because it was overturned.

Select an asbestos removal company with decades of experience in Ventura

If your asbestos inspection tests positive for asbestos, contact us to safely contain, remove, and dispose of it legally.

For over three decades we have successfully removed asbestos in residential homes and commercial buildings. And most recently with the 2017 Thomas Fire, we’ve had to carefully dispose of asbestos found in the ashes of burned structures that were destroyed or damaged.

Successfully completing more than 13,000 projects over the past 30 years
Having a long-term and highly trained staff
Being fully licensed and insured
Following all compliance regulations

Alternative Technologies Inc. is by your side if asbestos is located in a single family house, condo, townhouse or multi-unit apartment building located in Ventura, CA.

Other environmental services in Ventura, CA

In addition to asbestos abatement, we also provide these environmental services at residential, commercial, or industrial locations:

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